Responsible Coffee

When designing blends for Both Worlds, we aimed for products that are rich, balanced, and full of flavour. To do so, we've created blends from some of the world's best known coffee producing regions.

But flavour isn't all there is to it. We work hard to identify coffee brokers we can build relationships with based on trust and understanding. While we don't travel to coffee farms ourselves, we are certain that our supply chain guarantees a fair return for those who grow the coffees we rely on.

One example is coffee we use in our Amber Blend: Kaapi Royale is a selectively processed coffee from Karnataka, India. Not only is this coffee delicious and consistent, but it comes from a fifth generation coffee estate. We love this coffee not only for how it tastes and for its story, but for how it challenges what we expect from coffee grown in this part of the world. Our supply partners have been working with these coffee producers for multiple seasons, and we're always impressed with the quality and character of this coffee.

Import Partner

Our import partners here at Both Worlds Coffee, who we're proud to work with. Transparent, trustworthy, and always reliable, we feel confident our supply chain is in good hands working with suppliers like Upstream.

Upstream Coffee

Timely Coffees

We work with our sister company Timely Coffees to add seasonal lots to each of our blends, to create products that are truly special. Both Worlds blends are seasonal, but not like you know it. Rich and familiar, but made up of coffees with provenance.

Timely Coffees